Week 9:- Our 8th Full Year 2016

Looking back over the last 10 years of Robertson Dental Innovations we now come to 2016, our 8th full year.

This was another big year for us here at RDI;

Dr Rav Ramos

Our QIP Accreditation was a rigorous process which represents a set of National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards towards everyday dental clinic culture and patient safety. By gaining this Accreditation, we have had our commitment to ongoing policy and procedure improvement that regulates our dental clinic, providing assurance to our patients, staff and colleagues about our commitment to quality, safety and excellence across all standards, confirmed. For more info on what Accreditation means click here.


By joining the Dental Care Network, our patients now have access to Payment Plans (via Smile Choice) and an option of joining our free Dental Loyalty Program Dentisure. For more details click here.

Below there are a photo of accreditation certificates, a photo from our Xmas celebrations and some more logos.

Dentisure; care beyond the chair
Dental Care Network Logo
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Stay tuned for more photos and posts each week leading up to our 10 year anniversary. 

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