Week 5:- Our 4th Full Year 2012

Looking back over the last 10 years of Robertson Dental Innovations we now come to 2012, our fifth year. This year we continued to focus on our technology and training.

Our E4D on-site crown milling machine was up and running, along with our 3D capable X-ray machine, both firsts for the Bendigo Area.

We were again featured in the¬†prestigous¬†Australiasain Dental Practice Magazine, not once but twice in 2012. To read the articles we’re in click on the titles below to read the articles for yourself:



Below are some photos including of a 3D image, our E4D mill in action and from our staff christmas party at the zone.

Conebeam Example
Part A
Part B

Stay tuned for more photos and posts each week leading up to our 10 year anniversary. 

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