Week 10:- Our 9th Full Year 2017

Looking back over the last 10 years of Robertson Dental Innovations we now come to 2017, our 9th full year.

Last year was another big year for us here at RDI, becoming both Quick Straight Teeth and Sound Sleeper Accredited.

Dr Joanna Reece started to offer Cosmetic Orthodontic options using the Quick Straight Teeth, an orthodontic lab supported system where each case is designed by Dr Reece, the Orthodontic Lab and with support of a Specialist Orthodontist. This enables RDI to offer Orthodontic treatments for our adult patients who want to realign their smile.

We are the only SoundSleeper Accredited Dental Surgery in Bendigo. This Accreditation highlights the training that the team, and Dr Kaushik Vanam in particular, has had in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnoea using an Mandibular Advancement Splint.

Below there are a photos including from Wear a Bandana for Canteen Day.


Stay tuned for more photos and posts each week leading up to our 10 year anniversary. 

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