Week 1:- Our Opening in 2008

Originally at 64 Sternberg Street there was an old derelict house, (it even had a tree growing through one of the bedrooms). Then Dr. & Mrs. Robertson demolished, designed and built the dental practice; Dental Innovations on Sternberg.

This was the first custom designed dental clinic in Bendigo from the ground up (as opposed to a converted house). Boosting the latest in technology, including Bendigo’s first Digital OPG Dental X-ray machine, the practice quickly grow from Dr Robertson as the only dentist, with Dental Oral Health Therapist Glenys Shelton joining the team.

We were even featured in the coveted Australiasian Dental Practice Magazine (a first for Bendigo) for the first time. To see the article, click here (article is from Vol. 20 No. 3 May/June 2009).

Some photos from this time include so earlier photos from the clinics opening featured in the Bendigo Weekly, our first ever fridge magnet and a photo from our grand opening.

10YrPhotoYr1 (1)
10YrPhotoYr1 (2)
10YrPhotoYr1 (4)
10YrPhotoYr1 (3)

Stay tuned for more photos and posts each week leading up to our 10 year anniversary. 

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