Practice Accreditation


 “Achieving accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement within the practice.”– Quality Innovation Performance

  • What Is QIP accreditation?

QIP accreditation represents a set of National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards towards everyday dental clinic culture and patient safety.

State and Federal regulatory requirements drive these practice standards with an aim to demonstrate clear and evidence based patient benefits.

QIP Accreditation is independent (and unbiased) recognition that we have met quality and safety requirements based on a set of criteria that all dental clinics are evaluated against.

  • What QIP accreditation means for our patients

When you choose to visit Robertson Dental Innovations, you can expect reduced clinical and general risks. Furthermore, you can gain peace of mind in knowing that our staff are educated in the implementation of dental systems and dental process improvement within our clinic.

QIP accreditation means that Robertson Dental Innovations has proven to be of the highest calibre in delivering quality care for our patients.

QIP Accreditation provides assurance to everyone associated with Robertson Dental Innovations that quality and performance standards have been met and are being continuously reviewed and improved upon.

  • What QIP accreditation means for our clinic

Robertson Dental Innovations commit to ongoing policy and procedure improvement that regulate our dental clinic, providing assurance to our patients, staff and colleagues about our commitment to quality, safety and excellence across all standards.

QIP Accredited Practice
QIP Dental Practice Accredited

If you would like to know more about QIP accreditation, contact us on (03) 5444 4924 or (03) 5444 4924, alternatively click here to get more information about accreditation form the Dental Care Network Website. For the QIP website click here.