A recent and ever growing part of our services provided at Robertson Dental Innovations is Orthodontics. Currently we offer one fixed braces option and two removable aesthetic orthodontic options, but these services are expanding.

No longer the exclusive domain of specialist Orthodontists, Orthodontics and braces can now be provided by dentists after completing extensive post-graduate courses. New technologies and techniques have also changed the field, having the traditional “wired” braces with metal brackets for years, although still the gold standard, are no longer the only option for patients. The average orthodontic patient has also changed, adults are increasingly looking at orthodontic options to correct minor tooth alignment issues.

Orthodontics is simply the word used to describe the techniques used by dentists to align the arch (curve) of the jaw and mouth, as well as correcting the alignment of the bite (the occlusion). Ultimately Orthodontics in its purest sense aims to have the teeth all aligned in an even curve on the top and the bottom jaw. Orthodontics also aims to have the upper and lower teeth line-up together, with the molars contacting each other correctly and the upper front teeth are slightly forward of the lower teeth. Orthodontics can also help correct the angle and rotation of teeth if required. Orthodontics is also the treatment of “malocclusion”. Malocclusion is a general term used to describe teeth that are crooked, over-crowded, rotated, misaligned, protruding and/or have large gaps between them.

Aesthetic Orthodontics

The large majority of the Orthodontic services provided at Robertson Dental Innovations is classed as Aesthetic Orthodontics. These services are focused to primarily correct aesthetic issues, such as slight crowding or straightening teeth. The systems can also provide some limited functional outcomes, but this is usually as a by-product of the aesthetic outcome.

At Robertson Dental Innovations we use a variety of orthodontic systems and techniques;

  • Removable Orthodontic Aligners:- A more recent innovation in orthodontics is the use of removable aligners. Unlike traditional braces these aligners can be removed (while eating for instance), making them easier for some patients to use. At Robertson Dental Innovations we have two types of removable aligners;

    It is important to note, these removable aligners cannot be used in every orthodontic case, some cases will require a more “traditional” orthodontic option (see below).

  • Fixed Braces:-

    Along with improvement in methods, braces technology changed. Robertson Dental Innovations now offer tooth-coloured wires and clear ceramic brackets as opposed to the normal metal. Quick Straight Teeth is a partnership between a general dentist, a specialist Orthodontist and a specialised Orthodontic Dental Lab. This enhanced level of support enables the team at Robertson Dental Innovations to provide Orthodontic solutions with real peace of mind for our patients.

Quick Straight Teeth logo

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth logo

The Team at Robertson Dental Innovations is proud to announce that we now offer the Quick Straight Teeth® (QuickStraightTeeth) Orthodontic System.

QuickStraightTeeth™ (QST) has many advantages over the many other short term Aesthetic Orthodontic systems used by dentists including:

  • Fully Supported by Specialist Orthodontist; Each QuickStraightTeeth case is assessed and overseen by a Specialist Orthodontist and Orthodontic Laboratory who designed the customised treatment plan, including bracket placement locations and style.
  • Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires; to ensure the braces are almost invisible.
  • Fast results; because the QuickStraightTeeth system focuses on aligning and gently levelling the front teeth, our results can straighten your teeth, quickly.
  • New Q100 System; This new system launched by Quick Straight Teeth provides removable aligners as an alternative to braces.

The team at Robertson Dental Innovations has recently partnered with Quick Straight Teeth to offer this next step in customised Orthodontic solutions. Dr Joanna Reece and Dr Belinda Wilkie are our Quick Straight Teeth dentists.

Quick Straight Teeth is not just another braces and Orthodontics solution for adults who want aesthetic teeth aligning. Quick Straight Teeth is a partnership between a general dentist, a specialist Orthodontist and a specialised Orthodontic Dental Lab. This enhanced level of support enables the team at Robertson Dental Innovations to provide Orthodontic solutions with real piece of mind for our patients.

This innovative and collaborative system is simple for our patients. Patients come in and see Dr Reece or Dr Wilkie for an Orthodontic assessment and consultation. After this appointment, Dr Reece or Dr Wilkie will work with the Quick Straight Teeth team in Ballarat and Queensland (including an Orthodontist and Orthodontic Lab) to assess and design the best system to achieve the desired outcome. The system is then sent back to us for Dr Reece or Dr Wilkie to place. Dr Reece or Dr Wilkie then continues to see the patient until they have achieved the results they require.

This system is the best of both worlds, combining the general dentist with specialised support.

Aesthetic Orthodontics Treatment Outline

Each orthodontic case is different, but each case is carefully planned to achieve the best overall outcome and result. Typically an outline of appointments for orthodontics would be:-

  1. Consult:- The first appointment would be a consultation with the dentist. At this appointment the procedures would be explained and a provisional quote for treatment would be provided. Impressions for models, photographs and an X-ray will also be taken at this appointment. These impressions will then be “poured-up” to make stone models of both the upper and lower arches and teeth of the mouth. These models would be assessed for suitability for the various orthodontic treatment options and sent to the lab for fabrication of the orthodontic system needed. After reviewing the models, photographs and the X-rays, the dentist will contact the patient and provide a full quote.
  2. Orthodontic System Placement:- The next appointment is the placement of the orthodontic system. At this appointment the wires and brackets (for the Quick Straight Teeth System) will be placed on the required teeth. For removable systems the removable device will be placed in the mouth, checked for fit and tightened as required. Additionally In both scenarios advice on cleaning and taking care of the system will be provided by the dentist.
  3. Adjustment Stage:- This stage involves multiple appointments over a period of some months. At each appointment the wires (for fixed systems) will be adjusted or replaced with the next shaped wire. For removable systems like the Inman Aligner, the Inman Aligner itself is adjusted and tightened or with the QST Q100 or Clear Correct systems the next removable aligner will be provided.
  4. Final Review and Impressions:- After the adjustment stage, the final review is just to confirm the results have been achieved as planned. Impressions are again taken for the fabrication of the retainer for the one of the most important stages, the retention stage (see below).
  5. Retention Stage:- The final stage of Orthodontic treatment is arguably the most important, the retention stage. A retainer is necessary to prevent “relapse”. After the teeth have been aligned and the orthodontic system removed, teeth occasionally can fall back into old positions, this is called relapse. When relapse occurs it can in some cases leave patients worse off then when they started orthodontic treatment. Wearing a retainer keeps the teeth in position and prevents relapse occurring. At Robertson Dental Innovations we offer both fixed and removable retainers as part of Orthodontic treatment. A final review appointment may also be necessary after the completion of this stage.

Functional Orthodontics

At this stage, Robertson Dental Innovations provides limited Functional Orthodontics services, on a case by case basis. However the Dentists and Oral Hygiene/Therapists at Robertson Dental Innovations maintain a good working relationship with local Orthodontists to work with them to achieve the functional orthodontic needs of our patients.

Other Orthodontic Treatments

Along with braces and aligners other devices can be used as part of orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontic Retainers

At Robertson Dental Innovations, we do provide and replace orthodontic retainers for patients whom have completed (or taking a break from) Orthodontic treatment/s. These retainers are necessary to prevent tooth relapse (when teeth move back towards their original position). At Robertson Dental Innovations we offer both a fixed and removable retainer option.

Space Maintainers

One functional orthodontic method provided at Robertson Dental Innovations is the use of Space Maintainers. A space maintainer is used when a deciduous (baby) tooth has been removed early for a variety of reasons. The space maintainer keeps the “gap” left by the removed tooth open, enabling the adult tooth to erupt at the correct angle.

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