Dr. Rav Ramos

Dr Rav Ramos

Qualifications, Training & Memberships:

  • BDS (2015; University of Adelaide)

Years Practising: 6 year

Years with RDI: 5th year; (Started: February 2016)

Location and Hours:

Dental Innovations on Condon

  • Monday (8:30am-6:00pm),
  • Wednesday (8:30am-6:00pm)
  • Thursday (8:30am-6:00pm),
  • Friday (8:30am-5pm).

About Dr. Ramos:- Dr. Ramos is based in the maroon surgery at Dental Innovations on Condon.

The newest member of the Robertson Dental Innovations team, Dr Ramos gained his degree from the Dental School at the University of Adelaide last year. The University of Adelaide works closely with the local Adelaide Dental Hospital, whereby the graduates of this programme are able to gain even more experience through-out their qualification and after treating a wide variety of dental conditions.

Dr. Ramos is available for appointments five days a week, including on Saturdays (as part of the Saturday team with Dr Vanam). This provides greater flexibility for our patients with appointments available for those patients unable to attend during the week as well as appointments for dental emergencies over the weekend.

Dr. Ramos has a keen interest in achieving the best aesthetic outcomes for his patients. Through the use of a wide range of options, such as crowns & bridge, dentures, tooth whitening and even composite (white) fillings, Dr. Ramos enjoys helping his patients feel less self-concience about their teeth, while also gaining better function from their mouths.

Dr Ramos also has an interest in Endodontics (commonly called Root Canal Treatments). This treatment is offered by all our dentists here in Bendigo, without the need to see a specialist or traveling to Melbourne.

Dr. Ramos is also part of the Bendigo Dental Implants Team. Dr. Ramos assists with planning of the individual implant treatment by taking the 3D x-rays and dental models for Dr. Robertson, as well as placing the dentures on the implants.

Dental Tip from Dr. Ramos:-

If something feels different in your mouth, get it checked out early. Don’t let the little things become big problems. A lot of time and trouble can be saved by catching these issues before they turn into a bigger issue.


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