Dental Oral Health Therapist & Hygienist Glenys Shelton

Oral Health Therapist Glenys Shelton

Qualifications, Training & Memberships:

  • BOH (July 2008, Latrobe University)

Years Practising: 10 years (Dental Oral Health Therapist & Hygienist), 29 years (Dental Nurse/Assistant)

Years with RDI: 11th Year; (Started: August 2008)

Location and Hours:

Dental Innovations on Sternberg

  • Monday (8:30am-6:00pm),
  • Wednesday (8:30am-6:00pm).

Dental Innovations on Condon

  • Thursday (8:30am-6:00pm),
  • Friday (8:30am-5:00pm).

About Glenys:- Glenys Shelton is our Dental Oral Health Therapist & Hygienist at Robertson Dental Innovations and is the third longest serving member of staff. Glenys is also one of the longest serving staff members in the dental industry, working as a dental nurse before completing her degree. Glenys’ Bachelor of Oral Health degree enables her to see patients for deep cleans, periodontal control, tooth whitening and provide oral hygiene advice to patients of any age.

The dental therapy half of her degrees enables her to see children (up to the age of 25yrs old) for check-ups, fillings, removal of baby teeth and most other aspects of Preventative and Children’s Dentistry. Based at both clinics, Glenys has appoitments 4 days a week.

Glenys loves kids, and enjoys getting to know her younger patients and watching them as they grow-up both in real and in dental terms. As a supporter of the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule, Robertson Dental Innovations bulk bills these appointments and Glenys with her degree is best suited to providing the treatments that the program allows.

Glenys also enjoys helping her patients improve their smile with deep dental cleans and since completing a post-graduate course; tooth whitening.

Dental Tip from Glenys:-

Glenys’ biggest advice to her “perio” patients (patients with periodontal disease causing (among other things) receding and bleeding gums), is to keep up with their “homework”. If everyone keeps up with their regular brushing and flossing it means they are less likely to have to see Glenys for their deep Root Planing cleans.

See Dental Oral Health Therapist & Hygienist Glenys Shelton for:
General Dentistry
(for Oral Hygiene Treatments and/or patients aged 25 years or younger), Dental Hygiene & Preventative Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry (for Tooth Whitening only) and Orthodontics (for patients aged 25 years or younger).

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