Dental Emergencies & Trauma

Dental Emergencies & Trauma

Dental related pain and toothaches can be some of the most difficult types of pain for a patient to deal with, causing many sleepless nights.

Dental Trauma can require a large range of treatment types and options provided by a dental professional.

At Robertson Dental Innovations we have emergency appointments scheduled every day (Monday to Saturday). These appointments are available to assess and start treatments on our patient’s toothaches, broken/chipped teeth, trauma cases, infections and gum aches.

Our receptionists are trained to ask appropriate questions about the emergency so that we may best triage the problem and arrange an appointment with the most appropriate dentist/operator.

Each of these cases is assessed by our professional team using the latest technologies and equipment. Treatment options are then provided (with pricing) and explained. Treatment is then commenced.

If the treatment cannot be completed in one visit, such as infections requiring Root Canal Treatment, more visits are then scheduled. In these cases the treatment provided to our patients are aimed to reduce pain and discomfort until the completion of the treatment.

Contact our trained reception team on (03) 5444 4924 in order for us to best assess your dental needs and to get you out of pain.

We now also offer Dentisure Loyalty Program which can assist with out of pocket expenses for dental trauma cases, conditions apply. Click here for more details.