Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Child having fun at Robertson Dental Innovations

Children’s dentistry is an important part of our practice at Robertson Dental Innovations. Providing these services at an early age helps promote healthy dental habits and maintain overall dental health. At Robertson Dental Innovations we employ a Oral Therapist/Hygienist (Dental Hygiene-Therapist) Glenys Shelton. Her degree is designed specifically around Children’s dentistry needs, and along with our Dentists is able to assist parents with their children’s dental needs. Children’s dentistry can be loosely grouped into three categories; Diagnostic, Preventative and Restorative.

Young child having fun at Robertson Dental Innovations

Diagnostic Children’s Dentistry

Diagnostic Children’s Dental Services are primary dental exams/check-ups and x-rays (where appropriate).

Dental Exams (also known as check-ups) are an important first step with maintaining good dental health. At Robertson Dental Innovations we recommend that young children attend with their parents for their first “visit”. The children can watch the adult have their exam and then go for a ride in the chair. As the children get older, a rapport can be further established with “their” Dentist or Dental Hygiene/Therapist through further appointments. This rapport can help to calm nerves if the child ends up needing further work (such as extractions or fillings). At these regular appointments any potential dental issues can be identified before they become major dental issue and causing pain.

X-rays are another diagnostic tool provided at Robertson Dental Innovations. Many parents are concerned about exposures with these tools, however at Robertson Dental Innovations we only take X-rays when it is necessary. All of our x-rays are digital, which lowers the exposure significantly. Some of our x-rays even have an exposure less than that experienced walking around a block on a hot sunny summers day. X-rays are recommended only when required, but ultimately if there is a concern about the exposure a patient can opt not to have the service provided.


Preventative Children’s Dentistry

Preventative Children’s Dentistry is a loose term to cover a series of treatments (primarily provided to children and young adults) that are designed to prevent dental issues arising in the future. The main types of preventative treatments are Instructional, Protective and Remineralising.

Instructional Preventative Treatments

Instructional Preventative Children’s Dentistry mainly occurs as part of an exam. The term applies to the support our dental team gives to the patient through instructions and demonstrations rather than through direct treatment. Reinforcing and guiding through correct brushing and flossing techniques (something many adults also fail to do) and explaining about how soft drinks can cause acid erosion are two examples of instructional techniques used.

Remineralising Treatments

Remineralising treatments are a more direct form of treatment to enhance overall tooth or gum health. The most common form of this treatment is a fluoride treatment. During these procedures a remineralising liquid is placed in some trays and then into the mouth. The liquid then infuses into the teeth and/or gums helping to replace the essential nutrients lost.

Proctective Treatments

Protective treatments are treatments designed to protect the tooth and the mouth in general. Fissure Sealants and Sport Mouthguards are two examples of these treatments. Fissure Sealants are applied to the back teeth, covering the “grooves” (called fissures) in the top of the teeth with a protective layer. This protective layer helps to reduce the likelihood of cavities (holes) forming in these hard to brush places. It is recommended by Robertson Dental Innovations that anyone who plays contact sport wear a mouthguard. Store bought “boil and shape” mouthguards can actually cause more damage than not wearing a guard at all in some cases. At Robertson Dental Innovations, we provide customised mouthguards in a variety of colours, designed to fit a patients mouth exactly, providing the highest level of protection.

Restorative Children’s Dentistry

Restorative Childrens Dentistry is a term applied to any treatment designed to repair dental damage or wear. The most common form is Fillings. At Robertson Dental Innovations we provide both white (composite) and metal (amalgam) fillings to our patients. Fillings are commonly used to repair the damage caused by a cavity. Another form of repair is provided by using Immediate Paediatric Metal Crowns. These pre-formed stainless steel crowns are used on baby teeth, when a tooth is to damaged for a filling to repair adequately. They are cheaper than traditional crowns, making them ideal for placing them on the teeth which are due to fall out on their own in a few years. These crowns can also be used in the Hall Technique which provides an alternative treatment technique to some fillings, involving no drills or needles.


Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS)

Much of the Children’s Dentistry provided at Robertson Dental Innovations is provided under the CDBS. For more information about this scheme, contact Medicare or check out our services pages.


For further information on Children’s dentistry at Robertson Dental Innovations, please see Our Services and Downloads pages, or contact our reception staff on (03) 5444 4924 (Dental Innovations on Sternberg) or (03) 5444 4924 (Dental Innovations on Condon).

We also have dental payment plan options from Smile Choice, ask the reception team for more details.


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