Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentistry is not just used to treat dental infections and conditions, but can also be used to improve and enhance a person’s smile. Aesthetic dentistry is about enhancing smiles but not at the expense of function. At Robertson Dental Innovations all of our dental work has a functional and aesthetic component. From fillings to implants our treatments are designed to aid, but still look good. There are a few types of treatments provided at Robertson Dental Innovations, however, which are considered more aesthetic in nature than functional, those are Tooth Whitening and Veneers.


Tooth Whitening

Tooth or Teeth Whitening is simply bleaching the outer layers of the tooth or teeth to make the teeth appear whiter. This form of treatment typically will make the “whitened” teeth 1 to 2 shades lighter. The teeth can then be re-bleached every few months or so, as required. How often this “whitening” will last is dependent on factors such as diet and oral hygiene. The more “staining-type” food and drinks consumed (such as red wine, coffee or smoking), the less time the whitening will last before the bleach needs reapplying.

It is the current guidelines from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), that whitening agent products should be only provided by dentists (and dental hygiene/therapists whom have completed a tooth whitening course, such as our Glenys Shelton), not by non-dental professionals. It is illegal and unsafe for anyone else to provide this treatment.

Tooth Whitening Treatment Options

At Robertson Dental Innovations we provide two options when it comes to tooth whitening; an in-chair option and a take-home option.

  • The in-chair option involves the whitening agent being provided directly on to the teeth by one of our dental professionals in a 1hr appointment. At this end of this appointment the teeth are “whitened” to the highest shade achievable. This is the quickest treatment type for whitening teeth.
  • The take-home option includes a set of custom made mouth trays for the upper and lower tooth arches and a bleaching kit. The kit contains the whitening (bleach) gel along with a container to keep the custom made trays safe when not in use. The trays contain little wells on the same side as the front of the teeth and the whitening gel is applied into these wells. The trays are then placed in the mouth and onto the teeth. The trays are kept in place for up to 30mins for up to 5 nights in a row. This will again achieve the whitening to the highest shade achievable.
  • It is important to note:- A take-home kit is provided with every in-chair bleaching, this can be used to “top-up” the whitening at home whenever necessary. Also additional whitening gel can also be purchased at any of our practices.
  • A third whitening option is also offered at Robertson Dental Innovations, called internal bleaching. This whitening is used when a tooth which has previously been root treated (has had root canal treatment/endodontics completed on it), starts to turn black. This treatment involves placing some special whitening agent inside the tooth to whiten the inside of the tooth. Due to the nature of this special bleach it can only be used on teeth with the nerve removed.

Tooth Whitening Treatment Outline

Tooth whitening is typically preformed over two appointments:-

  1. Impressions:- At this first appointment impressions are taken of both the top and bottom tooth arch. These impressions are then used to make the individual trays for the take-home kit.
  2. Bleaching/Pick-up Kit:- After about a week, at the second appointment the take-home kit and trays are given to the patient along with instructions on using the kit at home. If the in-chair option was selected it would be at this appointment that the bleaching would be completed.
  • Additional appointments often required with tooth whitening/bleaching;
  • Dental Clean(recommended):- A dental-grade clean is recommended before (or as part of) all whitening appointments. This is to completely remove any build-up of plaque and calculus on the teeth. If this is not removed the whitening agent may not penetrate the teeth properly and lead to a poor result. This can be completed as part of the impression appointment.
  • Check-up/Exam(if required):- Before whitening all Robertson Dental Innovations patients are required to have an exam if they have not had one in the previous 2 years. This is to asses the teeth and make sure there is no cracks in the teeth. The whitening agents could cause damage to the inside of a tooth, which can occur if cracks or decay are present.

It is important to note that tooth whitening/bleaching will not lighten crowns, bridges, veneers and fillings, just natural parts of the teeth.


Veneers are used to achieve the famous “Hollywood Smiles”. A veneer is placed on the front of a tooth to improve the tooth’s shape and/or shade. At Robertson Dental Innovations our dental team is very experienced at providing veneers for those looking for dazzling smiles.

Veneer Types & Options

At Robertson Dental Innovations we use a variety of veneers to achieve the aesthetic and cosmetic outcomes required.

  • Porcelain Veneers:- The “gold standard” of veneers, porcelain veneers are the strongest type of veneers and achieve the best results. These Veneers are fabricated for each individual case by a dental laboratory.
  • Composite Veneers:- The simplest form of veneers are composite veneers. These veneers are created and shaped by the dentist in the mouth using filling material. These types of veneers are improved further by using the U-Veneer system at Robertson Dental Innovations.

Veneer Treatment Outline

Treatment is typically as outlined below:-

  1. Consultation:- The first appointment would be a consultation with the dentist. At this appointment the various treatment options (such as veneer type) will be discussed. An overall treatment plan (with costs) will be provided at the end of this appointment. This consult can be done as a part of a regular 6monthly exam.
  2. Veneer Preparation:- At this appointment the teeth are prepared for the veneers, this can involve removing a thin layer from the front of the teeth. If porcelain veneers are being provided, impressions will also be taken to be sent to the lab for them to fabricate the veneers. The amount of tooth removed is dependent on the type of veneer and each individuals tooth structure. Dr. Robertson has been able to reduce the amount even further by doing his new “minimal preparation” veneers. These are a porcelain veneers made by Dr. Robertson in-house.
  3. Fitting Veneers:-The veneers are then placed on to the front of the teeth and bonded into place creating the new smile.

Please note:- Only Porcelain Veneers require a visit for preparation and fit appointment due the dental laboratory requiring time to manufacture the veneers. All other forms of Veneers will only require 1 combined fit and prep appointment.

Please contact our Reception teams on the numbers below if you have any questions about the information contained on this page or if you wish to make an appointment with us. New patients are always welcome, even if it is only to provide a second opinion.

For more information about the Aesthetic Dentistry options provided at Robertson Dental Innovations, please see Our Services and Downloads pages, or contact our reception staff on (03) 5444 4924 (Dental Innovations on Sternberg) or (03) 5444 4924 (Dental Innovations on Condon).

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