2016 POLA whitening promotion

Tooth Whitening Promotion 2016 with Pola Whitening

This promotion has now closed, however fee free to contact us to discuss your tooth whitening options on 03 5444 4924 or 03 5444 4924.

Robertson Dental Innovations has partnered with Pola whitening to offer an exclusive discount on tooth whitening until Christmas.

Book an appointment for whitening with our Dental Oral Health Therapist & Hygienist Glenys Shelton, to receive a massive discount of $50 off our whitening products. This brings the price down to:

  • $340 for the take-home whitening kit
  • $600 for the in-chair whitening with included take home kit

To access this special offer call the reception team today on 03 5444 4924 or 03 5444 4924.


What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth Whitening is a method of bleaching teeth to make them appear whiter and brighter. At Robertson Dental Innovations we offer two systems of tooth whitening, Take-Home & In-Chair. Both options are discounted under this promotion.

The Take-Home Kit contains individually made clear trays and 10 tubes of bleaching material. Simply put the bleach into the trays for up to 30mins for 5 days to achieve the result. The trays can then be reused as needed to keep the teeth white.

The In-Chair (which includes a Take-Home Kit for “topping up the whitening as needed), is completed in an hours appointment using a much stronger concentration of bleach. Each tooth has the bleach applied by Glenys, then the excess is removed. Due to the increased concentration the results are achieved quicker.

Please note that for the whitening to be the most effective patients need to have had a recent exam and a dental grade clean before beginning bleaching. It is also worth noting that the bleaching product will not work on fillings, crowns, veneers and bridgework.

For more information see our Aesthetic Dentistry page.

Our Tooth Whitening professional Glenys Shelton

Our Dental Oral Health Therapist and Hygienist, Glenys Shelton, has been with Robertson Dental Innovations for over 8 years. Glenys has also completed a course on tooth whitening from the University of Queensland. Working with both the Pola Day take-home kit and the Pola Office in-chair options, Glenys has helped many patients achieve the desired outcome of whiter, brighter smiles.

What is Pola Whitening?

Pola is an Australian made whitening gel made in Melbourne. Pola is supplied by Southern Dental Industries (SDI) which is an Australian Owned company that supplies dental materials to dentist all over the world.

At Robertson Dental we have had much success with the Pola Day and Pola Office products, with great final results and little to no discomfort to patients.


  • Oral Health Therapist Glenys Shelton


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Why whiten?

People whitening their teeth for many reasons:

  • Getting ready for the Spring Races,
  • Wedding Season,
  • Improvement in weather with the change of season,
  • Graduations,
  • Christmas with family and/or
  • New Years.


This promotion runs from the 3rd of October till the 16th December 2016.


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