Dr. Kim Vo


Qualifications, Training & Memberships:

  • BDS (2013; Latrobe Bendigo)
  • Masters of Dentistry (2015, Latrobe Bendigo)

Years Practicing: 2 years

Years with RDI: 1st year; (Started: October 2017)

Location and Hours:

Dental Innovations on Condon

  • Monday (8:30am-6:00pm).
  • Tuesday (8:30am-6:00pm),
  • Wednesday (8:30am-6:00pm),
  • Thursday (8:30am-6:00pm).

About Dr. Vo:- Dr. Vo has recently joined Robertson Dental Innovations. Based at our Condon Street Clinic in the Purple Surgery, Dr. Vo provides full family care seeing patients of all age groups and dental stages. In fact Dr Vo, really enjoys working with families and guiding them through all the various stages of dental need.

Dr Vo strives to make every patients’ experience as comfortable as possible for every patient, especially anxious and nervous patients.

Before joining the team, Dr Vo worked in the public dental sector in South West Health Services based in and around Warrnambool. During her time there Dr Vo was exposed to many different types of treatments and was able to assist many patients to achieve great and healthy outcomes. Dr Vo was also able to provide dental treatment under General Anaesthetic during this time, something she will also be providing to Robertson Dental Innovations from 2018.

Dr. Vo enjoys providing preventative treatments for her patients and also has a focus on aesthetic outcomes and Root Canal Treatments.

Dental Tip from Dr. Vo:-

Dr. Vo’s tip for her patients is to focus on brushing at home. The best way to prevent dental decay and maintain gum health is through proper brushing; good technique and appropriate length of time. People will commonly brush for less than the recommended 2 minutes. Next time pop an alarm on or a song and try to brush for that entire time. This allows us to clean as many surfaces of your teeth as possible.

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