Dr. Belinda Wilkie


Qualifications, Training & Memberships:

  • BDS (2013; Latrobe Bendigo)
  • Masters of Dentistry (2015, Latrobe Bendigo)

Years Practising: 2 year

Years with RDI: 2nd year; (Started: December 2015)

Location and Hours:

Dental Innovations on Condon

About Dr. Wilkie:- Dr. Wilkie is based in the surgery at Dental Innovations on Condon.

One of the newest members of the Robertson Dental Innovations team, Dr Wilkie is a local from Bendigo having grown up and now completed her studies here.

Working five days a week, Dr. Wilkie enjoys all aspects of dentistry and loves working with children and their parents to achieve the best dental outcome. Dr Wilkie strives to build a rapport with children of all ages, enabling greater treatment acceptance.

Dr. Wilkie is also excellent with anxious people and enjoys working with patients to help overcome their fears and restore their dental health.

Dr. Wilkie also has a interest in restorative dentistry, particularly dentures. Full or partial dentures, with metal or acrylic bases Dr Wilkie is here to help to improve appearance or function of dentures.

Dr. Wilkie is a part of the Bendigo Dental Implants Team. Dr. Wilkie assists with planning of the individual implant treatment by taking the 3D x-rays and dental models for Dr. Robertson, as well as placing the dentures on the implants.


Dental Tip from Dr. Wilkie:-


Use a soft toothbrush. Using a hard bristled toothbrush or brushing too firmly can cause damage to teeth and gums. Try using a soft bristled toothbrush in circular motions along the gumline to avoid tooth damage and sore gums.

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