DentisureTM is a free loyalty program provided by Robertson Dental Innovations via the Dental Care Network. Eligible patients are able to claim back up to $5,000 for out of pocket expenses relating to a dental injury or trauma, such as trips or falls.  The only “catch” is a patient has to attend one of our practices at least once a year for an dental exam and clean. This promotes good oral health and hygiene for all our patients.

The scheme is available to all our patients, once they have signed up with the DentisureTM scheme (which has a 3 month waiting period).

When you look after your teeth with a visit to this dentist each year, you’re covered by Dentisure. Dentisure is our patient loyalty benefit that covers you for any dental injuries that you sustain from an accident, such as a trip or a fall, car accident or other unexpected events that damage your teeth. Without urgent treatment, dental injuries can put your oral health at risk. These types of treatments can also put a sizeable dent in your budget. That’s why we protect you against the unexpected with Dentisure. Dentisure provides you with care, beyond the dental chair.

For more information on DentisureTM and to sign up, please go to the DentisureTM webpage;